Architecture portfolio ▷ No previous knowledge required and it’s free

As a specialist in the field of architecture, I was looking for ways to compile all my company’s projects together in a unique portfolio. Your projects should speak for themselves. After a long search, I became aware of online software that converts my architectural portfolio into an online magazine. And the best thing is that Yumpu Publishing is easy to use and absolutely free. 

How to use this software for an architectural project?

architecture portfolio

My first time using the site for architectural projects was interesting. I was not sure if I wanted to dedicate a project for each architectural style, or if I wanted to have a hodgepodge of interesting pictures to share. I had no time to figure it out, so I just put them all together, no matter what style or period. I gave it a try and it was simple.

All I had to do was put all my architectural pictures together, and save them as a PDF file. Then, I signed up to Yumpu Publishing and selected the free option. The site prompted me to upload the PDF file. That was it!

In seconds, I saw right in front of me a beautiful, interactive magazine in full, crisp color. I could personalize it however I wanted, from giving it a name to just branding everything with the logo and motto of our organization. It was incredible. The thing is that you can actually give the magazine/portfolio a title, which brings a lot of personality to your company.

How can people access the architecture portfolio?

The moment you have your pictures together, Yumpu Publishing generates the magazine, as well as a shareable link that you can use in many ways:

• Embedded on a website that you already operate (so it would be a magazine within a blog, etc)
• Included on email contact lists
• Shared on your Twitter, Facebook, and social media pages
• Sent directly via messenger

Once the link is shared

When they get the link and click on it, the magazine will appear right in front of them. Then, with arrows pointing at where to touch, they will have a chance to literally flip through the pages, which come to life as they point with their mouse, or touch with their hands if they are using their tablets and cellphones. Yes! Your architectural portfolio will display as a full-sized interactive magazine that can be accessed from any device that can get on WIFI.

Convenient and very easy

My favorite feature is being able to ask anyone to look up my portfolio. They can do it from their tablets or cellphones. They can look it up on any device without the need to download anything. The site is 100% safe, with lots of legit clients who trust the site to make their own major productions from fashion magazines to other architectural digests that also publish using this platform.

No knowledge required

I have ZERO technical skills related to website design. The site made it easy for all of us involved, by allowing us to personalize the portfolio/magazine in a way that I could simply add what I wanted, selecting from a range of options.
There was no need for me to do anything, other than upload my company’s brand graphics such as the logo and other identifiers. After that, all I did was “click” and the work was done. It was so simple I felt shocked that some competitors have not tried this method of promotion. It is effective and it looks clean and clever.

When my boss saw what I did, he wanted all of us to sign up and start uploading. We even had a “posting schedule” for our clients to receive the magazine in periodicals. My boss knows less than me about computers so he was able to get super friendly customer support each one of the times he contacted them for group pricing and additional features information. The website professionals know what they are doing; they simply made it easier for us busy folks to access their talent and put it for good use.

Try it out yourself and decide for yourself

I would most definitely recommend that you give this site a try. Yumpu Publishing is the cleanest, fastest, easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to show your projects. It shows your clients that you went the extra mile. It also presents your company as professionally and creatively. I am sure you want to know Yumpu Publishing too.

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