Brochure Layout Templates

Brochure Layout Templates

Passions Ignite With Yumpu

When it comes to putting yourself out there – I have never seen anyone do it quite like my mom. With the help of Yumpu, a free digital publishing website, she changed her job to a passion, and brought hum-drum to life!

I’ll start from the beginning. My mom is the best cook in the world! She retired recently from her job as an office administrator and announced that she wanted to get into the catering business. I was all for it. I had been not so patiently advocating for my mother to leave the job in a stuffy office that she hated for years for something she was actually passionate about but she’d always thought it too risky. A verbal clash with her boss one Christmas Eve was what it had taken to finally convince her that she needed to spend the rest of her life doing what she loved.

So there we were on the brink of a new horizon. My mother knew absolutely nothing about marketing and I knew it would be completely up to me to come up with any kind of viable plan that would move the business forward. I hit the ground running. Or at least I would have liked to. Almost immediately, I ran into the first road block.

How would I even begin without having brochure layout templates?

I pulled out my laptop and headed straight for Google. It was easy to create a marketing plan and to list all the things that needed to be done but turning those words to actions was something else entirely. I’d already created social media pages for my mother’s business, and had called up one of my graphic designer friends for a website designing deal. When my friend promised that the site would be up and running in a couple weeks I was over the moon happy. All I needed now was some really great interactive brochures.

I tried every free brochure creator on the market. The brochure layout templates offered on most of the free online applications I checked out had me losing hope fast. I wasn’t in any position to put big bucks into a brochure designing application. That would come soon, but for now, this was just a start up. The few applications I found with brochure layout templates I could work with were complicated beyond belief!

Finding Yumpu.

Just when I was about to abandon my Google search I landed on Yumpu’s website. The home page invited me to upload a PDF to begin the brochure creating process and I did. That was the most simplicity I’d seen all day and I held my breath to see what would happen next. Two minutes later my file had been converted and the images shone through the website’s digital converter. The options for editing were clearly drawn out and I sat staring at my screen wondering if designing a brochure really could be that easy!

I didn’t want to get too excited. Who knew what kind of brochure layout templates they had to offer? I clicked along surprised to find the extensive offerings on the free website. There was feature upon feature, template after template, and I happily took off on my first Yumpu journey. I played around with the hotspot editor that simplified the process of adding hotspots like links, videos, sounds and slide shows to your publication. The editor made for super accurate positioning and adjusting with the option of setting specific size and positioning details.

There was so much possibility with this free software that you can imagine my surprise to discover even more – the application could also be used to create online interactive magazines. Flyers, brochures, catalogues, online magazines… was there anything their software couldn’t do? I plunged deeper into the virtual world enhancing my brochure in ways I knew would benefit my mother’s new business. When I was finished I uploaded my publication to the website and simultaneously my work transitioned to the cloud. I think that was the feature I liked most, the fact that publications on the website are hosted on the cloud meant that no matter how many people viewed my online brochure at the same time, everyone would get the same exceptional experience, without delay.

My mother was more impressed than I was with the finished product. When I told her about the wide network of people her business would now be exposed to she asked how much it cost! All of this had been completely free, and now she is well on her way to making the rest of her life, the best of her life, thanks to!

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