Brochure Samples ⇒ Transform it into interactive brochures for free

Brochure Samples ⇒ Transform it into interactive brochures for free

I manage a soccer club for children in my free time and wanted to take my soccer club Marketing to the next level with interactive, engaging online Brochures. So far, I haven’t ever really had to market my business. For the club’s entire existence, we’ve thrived almost solely on word of mouth and peoples’ love for the sport. I was catching up with an old friend Sally the other week, she’s a marketing manager at a software company day so naturally the topic turned to market after a while, usually I just ignore her advice as marketing isn’t really my forte but this time she mentioned something that peaked my interest. She told me about using brochure samples as a low-cost, easy-to-understand, and effective way to market small businesses and told me about software she had been using herself called Yumpu Publishing. In a nutshell, it’s a digital publishing platform with over 20 million magazines and millions of active readers that makes it possible to create brochures online for free, yes…free. She had recently purchased a paid plan from the brochure maker and said it worked like a dream. In her words it would give my business “the boost it needed” and with that, she sent me a link to the free version.

Familiarity equals choice brochure samples

Now, I’m pretty old school. I’ve never ventured past the free software that comes with most personal computers and I never thought I’d ever have a reason to. Before my conversation with Sally the last time I’d made brochures of any kind was in college. Back then I used plain old brochure samples, some clip art, and a sprinkling of chunky lettering to make everything.

Years later Sally’s suggestion to use this new software she claimed was taking the small business marketing world by storm was having an unexpected effect on me. It made me question whether I’d have still chosen to stick to what I knew then if given a real choice. I had opened my mind to a new perspective but was still unconvinced that I needed spruced up brochures to market my business… much less for those interactive ones Sally was raving about. Even so, I was intrigued. She usually had an eye for incredibly useful products so I knew whatever she’d found had to have been really amazing for her to not only recommend it to me but to purchase it for herself.

Freedom to choose? Better results!

One day at the end of practice a short while after the last club member was picked up I sat in my office going through my emails. I came across the link my friend had emailed me and decided to check it out. I went onto the site and created a free account. All I needed to do was drag a PDF onto the page to upload the file to the server then I would be ready to begin. That’s something even I can do I thought!

Choosing brochure samples and add multimedia

I followed the instructions and sifted through the free brochure samples available on the application. Once I found the one I wanted I used the application’s hotspot editor to add videos, sounds and links to my publication. I added what seemed like at least over a hundred photos to my slideshow directly through the application and then linked it to my publication. I didn’t realize until after I’d already uploaded my audio, video and slideshow that it was also possible to link media directly from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and Soundcloud. The hotspot editor also had automatic link detection capabilities for adding things like phone numbers, email addresses and already existing hotspots of your PDF which were linked automatically.

I finished designing my brochure in no time and was thrilled with the end result. Even though I’d done it myself, I could hardly believe that I’d used brochure samples from a free application to come up with such a professional, attractive, sleek looking brochure. I hadn’t cared much for brochures of any kind but I saw immediately the kind of mileage I’d be able to make with an e- brochure.

Distribution and sharing of the brochure

I uploaded my brochure to the platforms website excited to share it with the world. I used Yumpu’s social media optimized sharing to reach my audiences on all social media channels then I emailed the full brochure to my mailing list. All the club details were listed in the brochure along with my contact information, coaching schedule and a list of the most up to date coaching packages.

I found out later that by uploading my brochure to the platform I was now part of a community of millions of active readers. Not only that but my brochure could now be viewed by a HUGE network of people from around the world and could easily be found through the platforms search option. All of that for just signing up for a free account!

My friend called me when she received my brochure just to say she “told me so!”. So what are you waiting for guys? Give it a go. Trust me, if I can do it, you most certainly can. You can sign up for a free account at

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