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I am here to tell you about my experience with a really cool site called Yumpu Publishing.  As a business owner with experience in the private and public sectors, I figured it may be a good idea to have all my business projects listed in one place that I can share with potential customers, employers, and even future partners. I was not exactly sure how I would pull it off, other than saving a whole bunch of links and pictures into a document that I would, somehow, save in some cloud. With Yumpu Publishing, however, I got more than I could ever think. I was able to upload all my pictures, describe the project and product, and put it all together in an online portfolio of my very own! Plus, they offer storage, sharing, and hosting all in one place. Need I ask for more? Granted, I am no computer wizard. Still, I did not have to call any of my nephews to do the tech part for me. I did it all myself by simply saving my pictures into a PDF file the way I would save any other picture album. Once it was uploaded to Yumpu Publishing, the engine did the rest. The product was a beautiful, original creation that I have never seen before. The best part is that it was free. I only had to pay if I wanted any particular fancy stuff, such as more graphics or more storage.

business portfolio

Your own portfolio

Forget about cheesy, static flyers that are tiresome to read. Also say goodbye to sending huge files, or boring e-mail links that nobody likes to click on. What you will be sending your peers is a publication that basically reads itself to them. Crisp and full of amazing graphics, your online portfolio is going to be nothing short of amazing.

I figured anyone could also have their own magazine pictures loaded to Yumpu Publishing. Again, it is as simple as saving the pics in one folder and then converting the folder into a PDF file.

The site reads that file and sorts out the pictures in the order that you wish to see them. It then produces an actual interactive magazine that people can flip as they wish, and do what they want with it.

In my publication, I even included a crossword puzzle and other entertaining goodies, as well as links to my sponsors’ pages. All in one same place. That is what I call “effectiveness.”

You can even include a section where your best customers are featured, whether in their own blogs or by linking to their social media pages.

The ideas are non-stop and never-ending. I get congratulated each time I send an edition out. People really love reading them, and even their teenagers get into it.

They ask me all the time about the website, and this is another way to share with potential customers.

When the portfolio is made

After you upload your pictures, the site will generate a magazine that has fluid pages that can be turned by clicking on arrows. However, if your viewers are seeing the magazine from a portable device, such as a phone or a tablet, they can actually touch the magazine the same way that they would touch an e-book and flip through the pages with their own fingertips! It is beyond cool!

Once I completed my upload, I added descriptions to each of the features I posted. Here comes the best part: I used my brand logo and themes all throughout the book. Yep! The site lets you personalize your book and allows you to add your brand to it.

It is the most cost-effective way to spread your brand

Never before had I been able to produce something entirely branded, universally accessible…and FREE.

Yumpu Publishing lets you do all of these awesome things without cost, unless you want to really add industrial-sized features that are entirely optional. The paid plans are still very reasonable.

Whether you join as a free member or as a paying one, you still get insurmountable customer support from techie experts that will guide you through the process step by step.

No need to know how to set up a blog, or site, or even put up a newsletter. This website will do everything that you need done, and will do it really well.

Give it a try

Try yourself and see how you, too, can make your very own publication possible using this awesome resource. Step your business into the modern world and give your clients a presentation that will leave them in awe.

Also, be the envy of your competitors with a super production that not everyone is familiar with. Right before everyone gets on the bandwagon of online magazines, make sure that you set the standard!

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