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As part of my job as a technology blogger, I’m constantly on the lookout for free software for creating my personal e-brochure. I haven’t been as impressed in a while as I was last week when I found a free digital publishing site that simulates the experience of reading a print publication called Yumpu Publishing.

Is there even a problem with too much simplicity?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there is no short supply of free software online specifically targeting the brochure development market. What there is a shortage of, is software that actually does the things that people need and expect it to do in order to deliver on their promises! I have spent more time than I would like to admit in the last couple of days in a state of frustration, trying to find just one application that wasn’t too complicated, too costly, too bulky, and I daresay too simple!

There is when you’re trying to find ways to be creative using an app that only offers five templates! Even worse when there is a limit to the number of modifications you can make to these templates in the first place. Lately, I’ve really started questioning why some of these developers even bother to introduce products like that into the market when all they really seem to do is waste your time. I find it incredibly hard to wrap my head around the logic of creating a crappy free version of a product or service to build customer faith!

e brochure

Thankfully, all was not lost!

Not a moment too soon I discovered Yumpu Publishing. The free e-brochure creator was a breath of fresh air in a dessert inhabited almost solely by lack of imagination! I’d heard good things about the digital publishing platform and couldn’t wait to see for myself what it was all about. I logged onto the website and created a free account. The first step was uploading a PDF onto the server. I selected my files, uploaded them onto the website, and watched as they were converted into beautiful images on the site’s digital reader. It had taken all of two minutes!

Next, it was time to play around with the application’s hotspot editor. I used the function to add hotspots like links, videos, slide shows, and sounds. Videos could either be uploaded direct to the website and then linked to your publication, or uploaded through sites like Youtube or Vimeo. There was also the option to upload audio through mediums like Soundcloud, or directly onto the application, then linked. Notably, it was just as easy to upload audio as it was to implement videos and slides. I looked around at some of the other publications that had been uploaded to the site and noticed that a lot of users had taken advantage of this feature adding interviews, comments, radio spots, and music to their creations for a distinctively interactive edge.

The next thing I noticed was how easy it was to get publications that can range from brochures and flyers to catalogs and online magazines onto social media. The application’s social media optimized sharing took the effort out of bridging the networks. It was possible to share publications in their entirety, or in select parts. Brochures could be shared directly onto social media or emailed.

Finally! A Cloud Based E-Brochure Creator

The second I uploaded my completed trial publication onto the platform my e-brochure transcended to the cloud. Cloud-based software really is the way forward in my opinion; I and whoever else in the world that wants can access my brochure anywhere where there is an internet connection which provides countless benefits (too many to mention here for sure). Uploading publications onto the platform came with even more benefits as other users on the site could easily find your publication by way of a simple search. It seemed like everyone was connected in the community filled with millions of active readers. With over 20 million magazines, the platform features leading and emerging titles in fashion, culture, arts, and hyperlocal content, all of which are accessible on any device.

I used the free version of the application but it is important to note that a variety of paid plans are also available. With that said, I can say without a doubt that the free version contains all the elements necessary for creating a professional-looking e-brochure online. Check it out here: Yumpu Publishing.

  1. Thanks Oliver.
    Very informative and helpful.

  2. Hey Oliver.
    Do you know which plans can be tested for free?

    • 30 days. After this period you can cancel your chosen plan. You don’t have to pay anything. There is also the option to test the Yumpu software for free (and for as long as you want) if you don’t need all those fancy features.

    • Hunter, I just checked. You can test adfree and the webkioisk plan for free.

  3. Thanks Oliver. And for how long is it free?

  4. Sounds great. Thanks again Oliver.

  5. I just made a test run with one of my smaller brochures. The language is wrong. Where can I change that?

    • Easy to change!
      Just go to “My Magazines” → “Edit Magazine” → Change language
      That’s all!

  6. Shame on me – I forgot my password. What now?

  7. Hello Oliver,
    Do you know if its possible to use one yumpu account only to share with my team?
    I want to keep one account only.
    But I need different log-in options.
    Thank you for helping!

    • Hey Melina, yes that’s possible. Just follow these steps:

      1) Go to “Edit my profile”
      2) Go to “Share account”
      3) Click on “Invite Collaborator” + insert the email address of your team member
      4) The invited person gets an invitation link which he/she needs to click.
      5) Then he/she needs to either log in with his/her Yumpu account (if they have one) or create a new Yumpu account
      That’s it!

  8. I’m back! I love the super easy step-by-step instructions.
    Nothing can get wrong. Plus you can always contact the support if you really have questions.
    I uploaded a super big PDF file – super fast upload!
    Another plus point: It’s free!!

  9. I haven’t heard about Yumpu before. I was curious so I gave it a try. It’s perfect for me as the software is super easy to handle. Thank you for the great tipp Oliver!

  10. I want to insert product videos. What is your recommendation to secure the quality of the videos in your online brochure?
    You wrote:„Videos could either be uploaded directed to the website and then linked to your publication, or uploaded through sites like Youtube or Vimeo.“

    • J. Caballero, you can use both ways. It doesn’t matter. As you have a product you want to promote, I would recommend you direct it to your website and link it to your publication.

  11. Thanks for the fast response, Oliver!

    • No worries!

  12. Hey Oliver, can you help me out? Is it possible for others to download PDF files of my e-brochure?

    • Hey Yassin!
      It is possible – but only if you sign up for the AdFREE plan. I haven’t tried it yet but as I know the Yumpu software, every step is easy to follow.
      Good luck!

  13. Niiice – I can even add music to my online brochure!

  14. Oliver, do you know if I can use this software also for comics?

    • Hello Soulsurfer90 – this is no problem at all. Have fun!

  15. Looks like an easy and reliable tool. I’ll test it right now. Let you guys know how it was.

  16. Lea – I totally agree!!
    My technological knowledge is like zero – if not worse! This Yumpu software, Oliver recommended, is easy, fast (it doesn’t took me 5 minutes to finish) and it’s free! I can’t wish for more!
    Thank you sooo much Oliver!

    • Thank you XxLeaxX and LadyDisaster. I am very happy to help!

  17. Hey Oliver!
    I’m actually always a bit careful about free software solutions. But this software looks like it has everything I need to create a high quality product.
    I am impressed and I will recommend Yumpu further.

    • You’re right Remus.
      I spent too much time myself researching for the right free digital publishing tool. But here it is – and I’m happy to share my discovery.

  18. Hello Oliver. I tried the free version and I would like to continue working with Yumpu. Which package can you recommend? What are you using right now?

    • Hey Lorena!
      I only used the free version of the application.
      Just browse through the paid plans lists on http://www.yumpu.com
      I’m sure you find the perfect offer for your needs.

  19. That’s exactly what I was looking for!!!


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