Electronic Brochure ▷ This is the best software there is on the market

Electronic Brochure ▷ This is the best software there is on the market

Believe it or not, one of the greatest challenges I face in the IT field is recommending to friends and family products that actually work. Most of the time, people want something amazing, with a glittering spectrum of features, but aren’t prepared to pay the price! So they come to me looking for freebies, never prepared to accept the fact that even the things you can’t hold in your hands (like software!) cost money. The silver lining for me in all of this is programs like Yumpu Publishing with which I can create an electronic brochure.

What on earth is this software about?

Sounds like a really cool Chinese dessert, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. The application is part of a free digital publishing website, and it is one of the programs I have found myself recommending the most as of late to my cheapo friends!

Even a friend of mine, who is into real estate, is on my list of people who absolutely refuse to shell out big bucks for computer programs. People like ‘free’ and so does he. He recently launched his new business and a just few weeks into it things are already blooming. Just last week he came to me and told me the only thing he was missing was a really great electronic brochure. Something that would boost his already developed brand marketing strategy. Something that would allow him to put together professional-looking electronic brochures, that didn’t come with a huge price tag.

I had some free time on my hands, so I volunteered to help him out. It was only after our conversation that I remembered I hadn’t actually ever designed a real estate brochure before! I had previously used Yumpu Publishing for my own purposes and I knew all I’d needed then was a few PDF files for uploading to start. I gathered the required files from my sweetheart and went straight to work. Knowing where to start, and the simplicity of the website itself saved me an incalculable amount of time. I remembered the days before finding the digital publishing application I now used. Boy were those some dark days! I wasted an endless amount of time I will never, ever get back suite surfing through oceans of ineffective programs that just refused to do what they were supposed to. I had just about given up when I found out about the free digital publishing platform with over 20 million magazines (yes, they publish online magazines too!) and millions of active readers.

What Else Can This Electronic Brochure Creator Do?

So there I was wondering which of the features of the application would boost my other half’s business in a way that would add to his already established and carefully structured branding. I knew the hotspot editor would make it a breeze to share his media across the networks. It’s so easy to add video, sound, links, and sideshows to publications created on the platform, and we needed his brochures to be as interactive as possible. I dragged and dropped a host of different video presentations and even some audio from some old podcasts and interviews he’d done that added some depth to the publication. Audio files are as fast and easy to implement as videos as slides on the platform. All it took was a little adjusting and the hotspots were properly positioned and pixel-accurate. I was well on the way to creating something I was confident we’d both be happy with.

I won’t lie. I may have gone a teensy bit overboard with some of the features offered by the electronic brochure creator. I had to reel in my excitement on more than one occasion and refocus my efforts! The application is so straightforward when it comes to editing publications that it doesn’t even matter how many times you change things around. With the technical burden off your shoulders and in the hands of the capable web people, I think they really do expect you to play around with things as much as possible and take full advantage of the incredible program they’ve created and shared with the world!

Finally, I was finished. I shared the project via email to a friend of mine and he was blown away. We uploaded the electronic brochure to the web knowing full well that doing so meant that his brochures would now transcend to the ‘cloud,’ and to the website’s fast-growing network of over one million people, increasing his marketing efforts ten-fold. I was rewarded with lots of flowers and candy and didn’t even break a sweat thanks to Yumpu Publishing. Check them out today!

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