Free Brochure Maker Online

Free Brochure Maker Online

Yumpu – a free brochure maker online that really does have it all

Many of the software companies out there have a lot to learn from Yumpu. The free digital publishing platform recently launched their interactive brochure maker and I’m a massive fan. Their success is proving that big ideas really can produce great results, especially when the word free is somewhere in the mix!

What sets Yumpu apart from much of the competition, other than its intuitiveness and easy of use, is the fact that it’s way more than just a digital publication maker and has a built in community of avid reader that your finished publication goes out to instantly – that’s something that I haven’t seen with any other publishing platform, downloadable or online.

This is in stark contrast with other online brochure makers I’ve encountered that often focus almost solely on developing your publication and completely neglect the importance of an open network. Users who upload their publications to Yumpu benefit from added exposure to a network of millions of active readers. The publisher’s digital news stand already has over 20 million magazines and features leading and emerging titles in fashion, culture, arts, and hyperlocal content, all of which are accessible on any device. That type of accessibility alone is priceless. On the free brochure maker online, uploaded online magazines and other content is suggested to readers via the search option as well as cross-links with tags.

Measure the benefits for yourself

If you’re like me you’re going to want to go through a process of trial, error and elimination to find the brochure making software that works for you. Online editors tend to make a lot of big promises and you never really seem to know what you’re going to get until it’s too late. Hopefully my experience with save you some valuable time and money!

Just so you’re up to speed, I’ll share with you some of my findings from trying Yumpu. One of the first things I noticed was that some of the features offered by the free brochure creator rivalled even some of the pricier software suites on the market. The application offered a paid plan, but users agreed that the free version contained all the elements needed to make a professional looking, engaging brochure online.

In my opinion, the innovative hot spot editor is one of the biggest drivers of the product’s resounding success. Hotspots like links, sounds, videos and even slideshows can be added to publications simply by dragging and dropping to your desired page. There aren’t many other programs that offer this feature for free and the interactive brochure maker goes a few steps further with it’s precise pixel-accuracy tools.

Unlimited slides and easy uploads!

There’s no limit to the number of images users can add to their slideshows that can either be uploaded directly onto the site or through third parties like Flickr. The same goes for videos and audio. Users can either upload these directly onto the site or use mediums like Soundcloud, Youtube and Vimeo. It’s just as easy to implement audio as it is to include videos and slides to your publication. I viewed some of the suggested publications on the website and found that users frequently took advantage of this feature adding interviews, comments, radio spots and music to their work. The hotspot editor expands its capabilities with automatic link detection, another feature that is hit or miss with other brochure creating software.

The next best thing that drew me in is the platforms WordPress Plugin that makes it possible to upload any PDF you choose to your website, then converts it into an online readable ePaper. The ePaper can then be used within your social media postings via short code. This makes it possible for viewers to read your publications without having to download the entire document. The ePaper works with Flash or HTML 5.

Share brochures across all the major social networks.

Another cool thing about the application is the social media optimization feature that makes it easy to share publications across all major and even some more obscure social networks. Users can choose to share brochures, flyers, catalogues or online magazines to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest in their entirety, or in selected segments. That means that you can coordinate when and how much of your publication you’re ready to share with the world.

When I tried the free brochure maker online I was pleasantly surprised to see how ridiculously easy it was to create attractive, interactive brochures. The platform promised to take care of all the technical affairs and did precisely that. There was no need to worry about downloading, installing, or even servicing the software! If that isn’t reason enough to try it out, I don’t know what is. If your gleaming new brochures look anything like mine, you’ll be telling everyone about!

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