How to Make a Pamphlet Online? ᐅ You don’t need any prior knowledge

How to Make a Pamphlet Online? ᐅ You don’t need any prior knowledge

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Except when it comes to online software! I had no true measure of the insane proportions of junk that can be found online until I needed to find a pamphlet-making application and winded up trashing every single free app I downloaded or signed up to, one after the next. Then my faith was restored due to Yumpu Publishing! I didn’t even know it was actually possible to make a pamphlet online free of charge. I just went online with more hope than anything else and was thrilled to see all the options that popped up when I turned to the Google gods for advice. I needed to create a pamphlet for the reopening of my furniture repair warehouse and all I’d been thinking about was creating a regular design and print pamphlet. When I landed on Yumpu Publishing’s website my whole vision changed. The options were seemingly endless and my mind was buzzing with ideas. Now I didn’t just want to create a plain old pamphlet, I wanted to make a super interactive pamphlet that would give my business the boost it needed to move forward. I created a free account and the first thing I did was upload my PDF to the platform. After that, the application seemed to take on a life of its own. My image lit up the screen on the platform’s digital reader and I knew I was well on my way to creating an amazing pamphlet. The instructions were precise and I didn’t have to worry about any technical aspects at all. Unlike the other programs I had been fiddling with previously, this time I didn’t have to download or install anything.

How to make a pamphlet online free – Intuitive Pamphlet designing

The platform led the way, and I happily followed excited for the final result. I was beyond impressed with the number of pamphlet templates available to choose from – and most of them looked sleek and well designed. All the other programs I’d tried had been far lacking in that aspect and some had even seemed to be carbon copies of the others.

yumpu logo

Yumpu Publishing’s hotspot editor was certainly a major highlight for me. The feature can be used to add videos, sounds, links, and slideshows to your publication.

Once you’ve selected the desired section for your hotspot it’s easy to manipulate sizing and positioning. You can even set number specifics for pixel accuracy.

With the editor, all it took was a few clicks to add Youtube or Vimeo videos. There was even the option to upload video files directly onto the platform and then link it to your publication.

I had run into some trouble with the other software packages when it came to uploading audio. But this platform made it possible to upload audio files just as quickly and effortlessly as videos and slideshows. It was possible to add interviews, comments, radio spots, and even music to my digital pamphlet.

Hotspot to perfection!

I was happy to find that the hotspot editor automatically detected links and other previously imported media. The editor recognized links, email addresses, phone numbers, and already existing hotspots of your PDF and was capable of linking it automatically. The more I discovered the more impressed I was that I was only using the free version!. Reasonably priced paid plans were also available on the website but the free version seemed to do everything I really needed. This was a far cry from the restrictive “sorry- you-can’t-do-anything-until-you-pay” free versions of software I had used in the past.

When I finished designing my pamphlet I uploaded it onto the platform in a few short strokes of the mouse. I then used the application’s optimized sharing on social media feature to share my newly created digital pamphlet across the social media world. With the help of the application, I was able to get my pamphlets onto sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest in seconds. I had the option of either sharing the entire publication, or select parts. There was also the option to share the full pamphlet via email which worked perfectly for distribution to my mailing lists.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better I found out that uploading my pamphlet to the Yumpu Publishing platform opened up even more possibilities including it being exposed to their network of millions of highly engaged readers. A ready-made audience? Yes, please!

So there you have it folk, that’s how I landed on a piece of free software that blew most paid – named Yumpu Publishing.

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