Making A Brochure – With this software, it’s easy and free 🤑

Making A Brochure – With this software, it’s easy and free 🤑

I made some brochures for my company’s very important product launch using the generic software on my office computer that I use to do everything else. What a disaster! Everyone hated them, and I had to go back to the drawing board with 20 minutes to spare. A pitying co-worker recommended Yumpu Publishing, and desperate to dig myself out of the hole I was in I tried the online brochure maker and saved my job in the nick of time! Making a brochure is easy!

How to make a brochure

This wasn’t the first time I’d been charged with the responsibility of making a brochure. I’d done this dozen of times before so when I was finished designing the brochure for my company’s product launch I didn’t even bother getting a second opinion from anyone else. Satisfied with my efforts I printed out a stack of brochures and rushed to the conference room.

On the way there I ran into the company’s marketing coordinator. She was the type to talk your ear off, and I was running late. I greeted her and the group she was with and tried to be on my way. She stopped me in my tracks. This was the much-anticipated launch for one of our biggest products and she looked just as excited as everyone else around her. Flanked by two of the company’s advertising executives she pulled one of the brochures from my fresh of the press stack and studied it intently. Her smile practically dripped off her face onto the floor. She shook her head and lifted the brochure up into the light for the other two employees to see. I kid you not, one grimaced and turned away, the other started from the brochure to me, and back to the marketing coordinator in shock.

At that point, the coordinator swept me away from the group. Her forced smile said that I was in big trouble. She let me know on no uncertain terms that the brochure would not be used, and I had 20 minutes to create and print new ones. I scurried back into the office wondering how on earth I would get myself out of that mess!

As I sat twiddling my thumbs another co-worker walked past my cubicle and dropped a note on my desk. We weren’t particularly close so I wondered what it could possibly be. There in bold print were the only words on the page:

Try this software!

Not having any idea what she meant I turned to Google. A quick search led me to the home page of what I now realized was a free digital publishing site that specialized in the creation of interactive brochures, catalogs, flyers, and online magazines. A flashing icon said all I needed to start was a few PDF documents. I pulled up all of my material and uploaded it onto the site. The clock was ticking, and I needed to redeem myself.

The simplicity of the application was astounding. I’d have tried just about anything at that point but I had also been concerned about getting sucked into something that would only prove to be too time-consuming and complicated. The free brochure creator was anything but. Their technical team took care of the finer details, leaving just enough room for creativity to flourish. I studied some of the other features after I pasted my information onto the publication, impressed above all else by the application’s hot spot editor that made it so simple to add videos, sounds, links, and slide shows. Sizing and positioning were directly adjustable with the added option of keying in specifics for more accuracy.

Who knew making a brochure could be so easy?

The software I’d been using previously hadn’t been nearly as straightforward. I’d been using it for years to create everything I needed not realizing how much I was missing out on by just continuing to go with the norm. I realized then why my brochures had been so unimpressive. There were so many more options with Yumpu Publishing when it came to templates and styles. I quickly finished editing my work and uploaded it to the cloud. I knew the marketing coordinator would be pleased to know that just by uploading the publication to the website, our company was now part of a new online network with millions of users. I printed out the copies I needed and rushed back to the meeting.

I walked in and handed out the now professional-looking brochures and led the presentation on the added outreach the company had now secured simply by using Yumpu Publishing!

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