Medical Brochure Templates: Conversion Into Flipbooks

Medical Brochure Templates: Conversion Into Flipbooks

The last thing I expected to be doing while exploring the pristine islands of the Bahamas was making brochures! After receiving an urgent email from my manager letting me know that he had not received my strategically sent communication before leaving the office I was stuck in a bad situation. My wife recommended Yumpu Publishing, a free brochure creator she had tried once before, and even on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere the platform worked like a dream! Let me backtrack a little. I took my wife to the Bahamas on my first real vacation from my job at the health clinic in years. I always claimed to be on vacation but always ended up somehow working from home, much to my family’s annoyance. This time my two children practically petitioned against me being in the house while on vacation. They sent themselves off to camp (as I really had nothing to do with the decision!) so that I would have no other excuse, and my wife stood over my shoulder as I booked the plane tickets. We arrived at the Bahamas two weeks after that for a seven-day stay and from day one it was amazing. The atmosphere was so laid back and I’d never experienced anything like it before! Then on my second day of vacationing in the Caribbean, my boss sent me an emergency memo stating that he hadn’t received the promotional brochures I had made every effort to email to him before leaving the office. Needless to say, my wife was not pleased. I tried reaching out to my coworkers to see if they could help out but as chance would have it they had all flown out to other destinations for on-site meetings that very week! Before leaving for vacation I had let my manager know that he could reach out to me in the event of an emergency. Now I was starting to think those choice words had been a mistake. I hadn’t expected an actual emergency!

Saved by a free version!

Picturing my boss walking up and down the ghost town clinic growing more and more anxious with every passing minute I pulled out my laptop and got to work. Though my wife was pretty furious she recommended Yumpu Publishing, a brochure maker she’d used once before. I asked her if she thought I would be able to convert my already designed medical brochure templates there and she said the application was capable of just about everything. Not wanting to waste any more time I logged onto the site and created a free account. I found the brochures I’d put together using medical brochure templates on Microsoft Word and got to work. I followed the instructions on the website and uploaded my PDF to the server.

The file was converted in minutes into the most beautiful image in the site’s digital reader. I was impressed that a free online application could be just as useful and produce results that were actually better than a paid one. What would I have done if this website didn’t offer remote usage in the form of their SaaS Web-application? I would have been in plenty of hot water, that’s what!

Chock full of features to convert medical brochure templates or other PDFs into flipping digital magazines.

While my wife flicked through the channels on our hotel room TV I used the application’s hotspot editor to add video, sounds, links and even a slideshow to my publication. There was no limit to the number of images I could add to my slideshow and I was able to add more pictures to my presentation than I had been able to with the paid suite at my office. Adjusting hotspots was easy and I breezed through the accuracy specifics to pixel-perfect perfection. I finished my entire publication in less than 30 minutes and when I was done even I was surprised. My wife hugged me and ran to change back into her swimwear. Now that I’d finished the brochures we wouldn’t be missing our scuba diving lesson after all!

I saved and uploaded my brochure to the platform and then used their optimized sharing on social media feature to get my brochure onto the clinic’s Facebook page. I postponed the post in anticipation of my manager’s approval and then emailed the full brochure to him. I shut down my computer and headed off to my scuba diving session and returned later that afternoon to my manager’s very impressed seal of approval.

I know recommend Yumpu Publishing to anyone who comes to me wanting the best way to create a sleek, engaging publication whether that be a brochure, magazine or leaflet. Anyway, enough of me yapping on, check out the free version for yourself at Yumpu Publishing. Until next time.

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