An Online Brochure Generator You Will Need In 2016

An Online Brochure Generator You Will Need In 2016

A couple months ago I wrote a blog post about how difficult it is to find a free brochure generator that actually works past the point of design flaws and a major headache! I got responses from dozens of people recommending an endless number of online apps they’d found and I tried every single one to no avail. If it wasn’t short of features and templates, it was super expensive and impractical – even the “big guns”, like Issuu. I had just about given up when a close friend emailed me a link to try Yumpu.

What on earth was that brochure generator all about?

The name was catchy enough so I decided to check it out. I had been looking for weeks for a free brochure generator to put together promotional material for my recently launched smoothie shop. I had literally just opened my doors to my first customers, and I knew I needed to take full advantage of the newness of my business and churn out as much marketing material as possible. It wasn’t just about getting the information out there to potential customers, it was about getting this done in the flashiest, and most unforgettable manner, while being cost effective.

Along came Yumpu!

I logged onto the website and created a free account with ease. I’ll be honest. From the way things had been going, I wasn’t expecting much. The only thing my search to that point had convinced me of was that “free” was usually too good to be true. Still, I proceeded, hoping against hope. The instructions on the website said that all I needed to do was upload the PDF files I needed for my brochure, and the pixies within the pixels would do the rest. Two minutes after my upload, a perfectly polished publication stared back at me on the site’s digital reader. It had taken no time at all! The other programs I’d tried had taken forever to upload my files, and none of them had looked nearly as immaculate as this.

My scepticism was melting fast. Once the files were uploaded, they were hosted on the cloud, another feature I hadn’t found anywhere else in my search. Cloud hosting meant that anything I uploaded onto the website: brochures, catalogues, online magazines (yes, those were free too!) and flyers would be accessible for online viewing to any number of people at any given time. The fact that the files were uploaded to the cloud also explained why creating and publishing on their website was much more seamless than doing so anywhere else. I realized then that resource issues might have been the thing plaguing my experiences with other web suites, and thanked my lucky stars for finally being able to find one with promise!

Further exploration

I explored the hot spot editor next, happy to find that links, videos, sounds and slides could easily be added to publications by simple dragging and dropping. After struggling and getting nowhere with other too complex suites, simplicity was definitely something I was happy to experience! It was easy to adjust sizes and manipulate positioning with the online editor, and even more impressive was the fact that all it took was the insertion of size specifics to create a pixel-accurate hot spot!

Prior to discovering this brochure generator, all I’d wanted to do was create brochures that could be printed and physically distributed. Yumpu had other plans. With the free digital publishing site I would be able to take my marketing to the next level with optimized sharing on social media networks. I would be able to do so much more than print and distribute, I would be able to increase my social media presence ten-fold, exposing my business to new customers from all over the world! Users on their website are able to share the content of their publications on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. It is also possible to share your entire published creation via email to your mailing list, or select specific parts to be mailed out in accordance with your personalized marketing schedule. The only question I had at that point was, why hadn’t I found this website sooner?

I wanted to tell the world about my new treasure. People needed to know just how easy it could be to create a professional brochure or online magazine with the help of an easy brochure generator. They needed to know this for the development of their businesses, and because of all the fun that’s possible just playing around with the awesome features that I found on!

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