Pamphlet Maker for Free – The best maker you should know

Pamphlet Maker for Free – The best maker you should know

My cousin Jack mentioned an online platform called Yumpu to me a number of months ago but I didn’t get around to checking it out until this week. He recently mentioned the platform again and this time also mentioned that it had a free trial. Now you guys know I love all things web apps hence me starting this blog, but what I love even more than a web app is a FREE web app trial. So I hopped onto the site this morning and created a free account that took all of 30 seconds at the best Pamphlet Maker for free Yumpu Publishing.

Bad Past Experiences

The application promised to be able to convert my plain, stale, boring PDF files into engaging, interactive, exciting online pamphlets. I hadn’t intended to create anything close to a multimedia pamphlet of any kind but went along with it anyway. I mean, it was free, right?  I created pamphlets in Microsoft Word all the time and kept most of my files stored in PDF format for portability and ease of use, but developing online pamphlets on an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for free? That sounded too good to be true. I had used software to convert regular pamphlets before but it hadn’t been the least bit free or very good for that matter.

Don’t even get me started on that nightmare I’ve had with pamphlet makers in the past! For the purposes of comparison, I’ll give you the short version. I purchased a pricy piece of pamphlet-making software and even being as computer savvy as I am I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I remember calling the customer service numbers associated with the product and having every one of the representatives I spoke to act like I was the one who was using it incorrectly when I knew without a doubt I was following the very precise (and useless) instructions they had provided!

The second piece of software I purchased was actually pretty intuitive and easy to use however it periodically crashed on me literally three times every hour. And before you say that it was probably my laptop I’ll have you guys know that I installed the software on both my cousin’s and best friend’s laptops – same problem. So as you can see. Me and pamphlet-making software haven’t really gotten along spectacularly – until now.

Yumpu Publishing restores my faith in a pamphlet maker free version

That was then, this was now. I was going to give this online pamphlet maker a fair chance to prove itself. The first thing I did was use the application’s hotspot editor to add video and audio to my publication. I uploaded those, first locally onto the website and then linked them to my publication. Then I logged onto my Flickr account and added an existing slideshow to my pamphlet. I was impressed right away at how easy it was to add media with the hotspot editor and the fact that there were a variety of ways to get media onto your pamphlet. I tested out the option for adding links like phone numbers and email addresses and found that the application’s automatic link detection read these with no issue. The automatic link detection feature also came in handy when it came to reimporting previously uploaded hotspots of my PDF.

Link Pamphlets to your website

As I explored further I found that there was also the option to link completed pamphlets to your website. I thought this was one of the best features in terms of keeping branding information consistent. The direct link between pamphlets, personal websites, and social media meant that people who read your pamphlets stood a better chance of getting a fuller sense of what your business had to offer as opposed to those who did not.

The pamphlet itself could also be easily shared onto social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest via the platform’s social media optimization feature. Even more impressive was the fact that readers could flip through the digital pamphlet online without ever having to venture off their social media pages!

I loved that all of the features of the free version of Yumpu were readily available online, without users having to download or install anything. I appreciate anything that allows me to save precious space on my hard drive, and software developers deserve a pat on the back for thinking ahead to the things people really care about when it comes to using online software.

So there you have it, folks. That is how an online platform called Yumpu ended my streak of bad pamphlet-making software experiences. The platform turned my stale PDF into an engaging, interactive pamphlet and for FREE. I experimented with features using the pamphlet maker free version that not even some of the pricier pamphlet makers from competitors had.

Throughout my experience of building my interactive publication with Yumpu I noticed just how much the application stays true to its promise of taking care of all the technical details so you don’t have to. You can find your free trial here: Yumpu Publishing!

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