Free Brochure Creator » With this software to more traffic and leads

Free Brochure Creator » With this software to more traffic and leads

I’d been putting off creating a new brochure for months. I had relaunched my French school earlier this year, this time with a focus on children, so my old brochures were outdated. I had a few clients already, but I needed to do more if this thing was really going to take off. The thing is, I was stuck in a rut. I didn’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars at the print shop, but my attempts at DIY-ing it was all dismal failures. I had even checked out some online sites but for one reason or another these also proved disappointing – either they were really hard to use or required me to put more money upfront than I could justify on brochure-making. One day, my friend Janice sent me a message on Facebook: “Hey, found something interesting! I used this to make some brochures the other day and I was thinking you could do some for your school!” She said she’d found a free brochure creator that was optimized for social media, with all kinds of advanced features to incorporate things like video, external links, audio, and slides into the brochure. The first words out of my mouth were, “how much does it cost?” Then I remembered that Janice wasn’t actually in the room with me, so I typed them out instead. I couldn’t have been less prepared for what she said next: “It’s the free brochure creator called Yumpu Publishing… and it’s indeed free of charge.”

Impressed With Janice

After that, I immediately Skyped her, and she proceeded to show off some of the stuff she’d already created using the free brochure creator (which is part of a digital publishing website that simulates the experience of reading a print publication). I looked at her work and quite frankly, I was impressed.

I mean, this is Janice we’re talking about here, my least computer-savvy friend. Here she was showing me a portfolio of work that looked like it had been put together by someone who’d spent at least a couple of years studying graphic design, or visual arts, or something, while I on the other hand a supposed “IT person”, had long since given up trying to come up with any kind of creative promotional material that was remotely decent because it always just seemed so hard!

I stared at her work in disbelief as she continued waxing lyrically about some of the features. According to her, a PDF file was all anyone needed to get started with the application. A simple upload was the first step to creating a beautiful interactive brochure capable of boosting any business. Once uploaded, magazines, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and the like, are all hosted in the cloud, which meant that no matter how many people viewed your work at the same time, their experience was never interrupted!

She went on to show me how she’d incorporated select parts of the brochures she’d created to promote her cleaning company into her website’s official content and on all her social media channels. Across the board, everything looked seamless and professionally done. What she had managed to do simply by creating a free account and clicking around on a website was something I knew people paid thousands of dollars for every day yet she’d paid nothing. For no money, at all, she’d been able to effortlessly embed her publications with video and audio onto other online media, with unwavering support from the company’s web team that took care of all the technical aspects.

But What Else Can This Free Brochure Creator Do?

If that wasn’t enough, the application supported all devices – mobile and desktop and was optimized for search engines like Google. The search feature on the website’s internal platform was also a direct portal to millions of other Yumpu Publishing users, an ever-growing community accessible simply by uploading completed projects to the website.

“You should try it,” my friend smiled knowingly before letting me know she didn’t only use the platform for marketing her cleaning business, but also for spur of the moment things like she’d done weeks ago helping her mother promote her recently launched flower shop.

I thought back at how terrible Janice had always been with anything computer-related. In fact, just two years ago she hadn’t even had a Facebook account! How the tables had turned – now she was evangelizing to ME about something awesome in tech – something I suspected would soon become my go-to for creating digital brochures and other media!

After our conversation, I immediately wanted to try it out for myself. As I said, I needed to create a new electronic brochure – stat. It was as easy as she’d promised it would be. I uploaded my PDF files and in two minutes they were online and ready to be edited with the option to create a personalized advertising video for free! I was sold.

I mean really, what kind of person walks away from a product that produces visible results that don’t cost anything? Right away I started thinking of all the promotional brochures I’d be able to make and share with people in and out of my immediate network, something none of the other online brochure makers seemed particularly interested in. Now, all I had to do, was think of a really excellent way to thank Janice for sharing the bounty that can only be found on Yumpu Publishing!

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